Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Teenage Obesity

Obesity is a very big preventable life style which is affecting adolescents of higher income groups mostly.
Although there are many conventional and non conventional methods of weight loss but before one starts one must consult a doctor to rule out physiological causes if any. However diet plans and exercise is the best way to loose weight.

Few Tips
1. Say No to Burger, noodles, french-fries and Pizza
2. Say yes to whole pulses, wheat and sprouts
3. Say no to ice-cream and pudding and say yes to fruit custard and salads.
4. Say no to fruit juices, canned juices & Aerated drinks and yes to whole fruit, milk & coconut.
5. Say no to white bread, cream, biscuits and chocolates and say yes to whole wheat breads and biscuits.
6. Integrate physical activity in daily life.
a) Choose bicycling and dancing instead of computer game.
b) Choose outdoor games instead of indoor games
c) Instead of casual walking choose brisk walking
d) To remain fit don’t just sit.
e) Avoid surroundings where you are tempted to make good food choices.
f) Instead of sitting and chatting go out for a walk.
g) While viewing T.V. walk around home during commercials.
h) Use staircase instead of elevator or escalator.
i) Keep weighing machine at home and check your weight after every weak.
j) Drink a lot of water
k) Take high protein diet
l) Control hunger
m) Develop a body image
n) Change your lifestyle.

How to control Hunger

- Eat high fiber food to speed satiety.
- Don’t eat simple sugar foods alone.
- Eat proteins at each meal.
- Eat light and frequent meals.
- Regular exercise regulates appetite.

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